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assessing your
goals and dreams
it all
How to get the type
of clients you want
Setting boundaries, checklists
and making yourself a priority.
Finding your strengths and outlining
them to a prospective client is important.
They want to see your achievements.

a fresh
on your

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tips to win
on social

Evaluating Performance

Assisting with, supervising and reporting on company financial performance

Improving Your Process

Evaluating your current work processes and finding ways to re-organize and improve.

A New Modern Approach

With several years of education and experience in marketing, we can offer fresh perspectives.

why choose blue bamboo

A Fresh Approach

When you hire a consultant you get an honest opinion from the outside looking in.

Over the last 10+ years, we have focused on assisting, supervising, and reporting on company financial performance, developing and improving processes, staff recruiting, marketing, and special projects such as building a new building, offering new products and services, and competing in new markets. Interested?

“Jacki has been great to work with.  She is easy to communicate with and clearly articulates needs and goals in our discussions.  She is genuine and always invested in whatever she is working on, and its success.  In all the projects we worked on together, she always put in 110% and was ready to take on any challenges that came along.  Jacki will help you get to your goals.”

-Daniel Schwartz

President, Design I.T. Solutions